Our Son-in-Law

Dear Rabbi and Susan, Our son-in-law has disrespected my husband and me on two separate occasions when visiting him and my daughter. We live far away, and so we see them in intense bouts. He has a lot of baggage from his childhood (he never spoke to his father until he was on his deathbed) […]

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My Daughter Doesn’t Respect Me

I have a 34-year-old daughter living with me on and off for several years. Including twice during her marriage she lived with me. I was always there for her she’s been in and out of hospital several times with conditions / Lupus / kidney / blood clots etc. From age 12…… .34 she’s always disrespected

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My–Female–Bosses are Intolerable

This is Kai writing from Toronto, Canada. I am a male, currently in a confrontational struggle at work. I just transitioned to a new position in another team in the same company, but I am finding it really hard to get along with the three managers and one director above me, who are all women.

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How to respect an alcoholic father?

Question: What do I teach my boys, age 15 and 10, about respecting their alcoholic, angry father? We divorced 2 years ago because life was so unbearable, but they still see him every other weekend. ∼ Wendy W. Answer: Dear Wendy, It sounds like have had a tough few years and we pray that you have

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