Which Job Should I Take?

I’m going to start a new job next week. They are going to pay me more than the previous company. They are going to teach me some new skills also. But, I’ve found another offer where they offer over 25% more than the new company and they require skills I already have. Should I even […]

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Kindergarten Lessons for Teens

Some book titles provide value even if you never read the book. (It’s quite possible that for some books, the title is the best part.) I never read All I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum, but the title sticks in my mind as a clever one. I don’t know if,

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What an overreaction!

“What an overreaction!” This exclamation came from a man who consulted me about some business problems. He was alluding to a former customer of his who angrily left him for a competitor and also bad-mouthed him to others. “We were late on a delivery and off he went on a rant,” he continued. “What an

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