No Good Men?

So how do I get married? Question of the week: I’m a 37yr old female, my only daughter is almost 18yrs. I’m not married and I would like to meet someone serious enough for marriage. Most men find independent women intimidating or some want to be taken care of as if they are children rather …

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Real Relationships

If I was to paraphrase Samuel Coleridge’s ancient mariner’s words, “Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink,” I might say, “Friends, friends everywhere and not a one to trust.” There are many reasons that relationships, including those of friendship, marriage, and business are in trouble today. Social media leads us to think we …

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Can you do it?

On March 3, 2018, Sir Roger Bannister died. As news of his death at the age of 88 hit the airwaves some might remember that this was the second time his death was publicly announced. 64 years earlier the young medical student became the first person to run a mile in under four minutes. As …

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When is ‘connecting with others’ a mistake?

I accept your teachings of God’s desire for his children to interact with one another and am intellectually exploring those ideas.  As a gifted software engineer interacting with other humans is not one of my strengths and I am attempting to get better at it. Over the past couple of years, however, I felt the …

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Do I have to become a people person?

Question: When growing up, it seemed reasonable that some people liked to build and tinker with things as opposed to interacting with other people.  I became an engineer and am quite happy working with things rather than others.  My like-minded brother thinks we should build on our strengths and not be dragged down by spending …

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I’m Burnt Out

Question: After a few years of over-working and ignoring the warning signs, I may have reached a “burnout” stage. What used to be easy at work is now difficult; the drive I used to have feels like it has been sapped; and I have noticed a negative change in my attitude.  Does ancient Jewish wisdom …

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