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I’m ready to give up fortune-telling. Now what do I do?

June 25th, 2019 Posted by Ask the Rabbi 21 comments

I recently decided to come back to my faith based roots. I went away from it for many years as I lived in the way of the world and not God’s ways.

During that time I have built up a successful business as a Tarot card reader/fortune teller. Since reading scripture and seeing what it says about divination I realize I may have made a grave mistake. I know now this is probably something I need to get out of.

I fully realize that I got myself into this. My dilemma is, I am praying to God to help me find a way out, a new career. I am at the same time tormented by thoughts that since I am in a state of sin he won’t hear me. I guess my question is, I got myself into this tangled mess and I don’t know how spiritually or physically to get out. Is this career having a bad effect on my life?


Tara M.

Dear Tara,

Before we say anything else, let us tell you how much we admire you. It is an incredibly difficult thing to turn one’s life around, acknowledge having gone the wrong way, and be willing to start over on a better path.

Second, and even more important, God is always open to our repentance regardless of how far we’ve sunk. We can assure you that there are many worse failings than tarot reading and fortune telling. Always know that He is always standing by and waiting to hear from us as soon as we call out to Him.

The Lord is near to all who call Him, to all who call upon Him with sincerity.
(Psalms 145:18)

Ancient Jewish wisdom teaches that repentance comprises three steps on which you are already making good progress.

  1. Acknowledgment of wrongdoing (check)
  2. Regret (check)
  3. Abandoning the wrong behavior (still working on it)

We can certainly pray to God to help us have the strength to do these three steps, but we are the ones who have to take them.

There are also three choices of how to think of what you have been doing.

  1. You have been preying on people’s weaknesses and misleading them into thinking that you have answers for their lives. Not only have you been selling spurious solutions but in your heart, you know that it’s all bogus.
  2. You actually have been accessing negative spiritual emanations. This is exactly what the Bible prohibits.
  3. You have taken a blessing granted you by God of special sensitivity that lets you pick up on people’s deepest inner thoughts and desires and cheapening it by dressing it up in anti-Godly garments.

We can’t imagine anyone writing to us and explaining that they have built a career shoplifting in order to support themselves but they are asking God to help them find an alternate career. Stealing is wrong and if someone knows that, they need to stop. Period.  Obviously relinquishing your income will take fortitude, courage and great integrity. We encourage you to do so without waiting for an income replacement.

We feel confident that your search for a remunerative and honorable occupation in which you genuinely serve the needs and desires of God’s other children will more readily succeed once you have banished the negativity of fake fortune telling from your life.

King David says in Psalms 37:27: Turn away from evil and do good. If what you are doing is wrong, you need to stop doing it. That is first. We have no doubt that your career is affecting you in a negative way and bless you that you find success and joy on a new path.

With admiration,

Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin

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