My Daughter Doesn’t Respect Me

I have a 34-year-old daughter living with me on and off for several years. Including twice during her marriage she lived with me. I was always there for her she’s been in and out of hospital several times with conditions / Lupus / kidney / blood clots etc. From age 12…… .34 she’s always disrespected […]

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Three Cheers for Fears

Are you afraid? Maybe you fear inflation eating away at your savings. Perhaps you see evil ideologies racing to entrap the families you love and the children you are raising. Rising rates of random violence in the streets might have you nervous about going out. Maybe, just maybe, there is a silver lining. Ancient Jewish

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Henry’s Awful Mistake

Did fixing a problem make it worse? Don’t give up! In one of our children’s favorite picture books, Henry’s Awful Mistake, Henry the duck decides to get rid of an ant in his kitchen. Before long, his overly vigorous efforts lead to a burst water pipe, a flooded house and evacuation. You get the idea,

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