Privilege vs. Blessing

I do not want to be a nit-picker. Naturally, this is what one would say when she is about to nit pick. So be it. I am going to write about my frustration with a book I read because I think there is an important point to make, even though what upset me is not […]

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Don’t Insult Me

Around three weeks from now, I will observe my mother’s 23rd yahrzeit, the annual acknowledgment of the (Hebrew) date of her death. It is, of course, impossible to know for sure how my mother would relate to today’s events, but I think that I have a pretty good idea. My mother had a sunny disposition.

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Carl Reiner’s Privilege

It is refreshing to read the obituaries for 98-year-old Carl Reiner. Not only does the Hollywood figure leave behind seemingly genuinely mourning family and friends, but the words describing the entertainer’s life do not include the following: COVID-19, Biden/Trump, sexist, racist or privilege. It is the omission of the last word that I would like

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