I can’t seem to break away from bad ways.

Dear Rabbi and Susan, Please, what can someone do to break away stubborn yokes of many years, that has defied fasting and prayers? Kamaldeen R. Dear Kamaldeen, First of all, accept our admiration for being the rare person who evaluates himself morally and works upon himself for improvement in the eyes of our Heavenly judge.  …

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Wonderful news!

A few weeks ago, we asked you to pray for the infant grandson of dear friends of ours. We are thrilled to share that Lion Huch, son of Pastors Luke and Jennifer Huch and grandson of Pastors Larry and Tiz Huch has been discharged from the hospital and is cancer-free. Here is Pastor Luke’s announcement: …

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Pray For Your Life

If you’ve acquired a new car recently, you probably drove it happily for a while without even cracking open the operating manual in the glovebox. After all, you know how to drive and most cars are fairly standard. You switch it from P to D, press on one pedal to go faster and press the …

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Is praying in a group better than praying alone?

Question: What does the Bible say about group prayer? Is it more powerful than individual prayer? ∼ Kenda S. Answer: Dear Kenda, You are asking a question that may be particularly apt for our times when technology allows us to access other people without having to leave our homes. Many church services are accessible online …

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Race to Judgment

Some people find that praying comes naturally, but for me that was not true. I am not embarrassed about this; after all, I did not grow up naturally able to navigate a sailboat or cook an omelet. I had to be taught these things. But nobody taught me how to pray. One thing I had …

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