Two Countries – Two Religions

As a fan of geography (Not social studies, but geography!) I can think of quite a few islands with an international border cutting through them. Cyprus, St. Martin, and Ireland come to mind. It is the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, however, that fascinates me the most. On no other divided island I know, does the […]

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Three Times a Year

Back when I was fortunate enough to own a sedan whose engine boasted, not 6, not even 8, but 12 cylinders, I was often accosted by people approaching me in parking lots. “Why don’t you get a car that uses less gasoline?” complete strangers would ask. It was initially startling, but I got used to

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Three Is Enough

Hi, it’s Tyson here, a 27-year-old Seventh day Adventist from Australia. My wife and I just had our third child, and she is happy with 3 and doesn’t want any more. We are currently exploring contraception options. The natural method (withdrawal, ovulation timing) seems a bit risky! Barrier methods seem okay, except latex for the

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What Business Should I Choose?

I am a school administrator (20 years) but I have always had a dream of having my own business. I am very analytically minded, and I like to create things of practical value that help people. My question is: how one determines if they should go into a spiritual business (computer programming etc.…) vs a

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Beauty – Spiritual or Physical?

My husband had the distinguished privilege of meeting you at Chris LoCurto’s Next Level Leadership Event. While he was there he asked you a question on my behalf and I would like to expand on my question. Is beauty Physical or Spiritual? I ask because there are many times we see people and think they

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