Passover Seder

Building a Real-Estate Empire

Where do I begin? I want to build a real estate business. Do you have any suggestions? ~ Will H. Dear Will, Thank you for writing to us. Your question is very interesting; or to be more precise, how you chose to phrase your question revealed quite a lot. You didn’t ask, “How do I […]

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Cows or Corvettes?

In late 1964, after five years of construction, the Verrazano Bridge connecting Brooklyn and Staten Island opened to traffic.  It was made of steel and was then the longest suspension bridge in the world.  In order to prevent corrosion from the sea air, it is painted, using about 12,000 gallons of paint.  Since rust would

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What do I tell my daughters?

Dear Rabbi and Susan, After Adam and Eve eat and are questioned about the forbidden fruit, we read [in Genesis 3:16]: Unto the woman He said: ‘I will greatly multiply thy pain and thy travail; in pain thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over

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Thought Tools April 10, 2012

A certain Passover image is burned into the memories of many American Jews. They remember Grandpa droning his way through the standardized text of the Seder (Passover evening program) while his children make a dutiful effort to listen. His grandchildren succumb to abject boredom. Today, that picture has become rare. Those grandchildren have grown up.

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