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Lean Upon the Counter

In 2002, after six years in business, Amazon became profitable. How did they keep their doors open for so long without profits? Amazon had cash flow. A year earlier two famous Internet high-flyers, Webvan and Pets.com, collapsed. Why did they fail in spite of operating in profitable niches? They had no cash flow. A business …

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Caribbean Connections

The beautiful Bahamas. Stunningly clear turquoise waters; white sandy beaches; sunny days with warm winds blowing gently and balmy evenings beneath the stars. You might think I am being hired to write tourist brochures for the fabled islands of New Providence, Bimini, and Eleuthera. But no; I just returned from teaching “Contemporary Lessons from the …

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Graceful Endings

Have you ever been in an audience listening to a speech that never ends? It is an even more ghastly experience for the speaker who plainly wants to finish but just doesn’t seem to be able to wrap it up. The sweat beads on his brow, his eyes dart around frantically seeking a savior, his …

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Guilt is Good

Why are some countries rich while others are poor? Why do some countries attract immigrants while others lose citizens who flee in large numbers? Why do some countries enjoy relative tranquility while others are seething cauldrons of violence? Posh and politically correct universities shrink from discussing these contentious questions because they fear the answer might …

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