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Be Still My Heart

April 26th, 2018 Posted by Susan's Musings 43 comments

“I vote with my heart,” says a supporter of Cynthia Nixon, the Sex in the City actress who is running against Andrew Cuomo for the governorship of New York State, “and Ms. Nixon won my heart.”

I assume that the above quote, appearing at it does in the April 16, 2018 edition of New York magazine, a sanctimonious liberal publication, is not meant to discredit Ms. Nixon’s supporters, but to represent the depth of their commitment to her. I am not at all a supporter of the current governor, but I find this quote cringe-worthy.

After decades of women insisting that they could be as rational as men, increasingly, scores of females happily confirm that one reason for the early 1900 reluctance to grant women the vote (because they would vote emotionally), was substantive. A school textbook from the 1980s says, “…These reasons may seem ludicrous to us, but at the time were taken seriously by a wide cross-section of women as well as men.” The assumption that the reasons were ludicrous is today being challenged daily.

President Trump’s election, cited by Ms. Nixon as the main impetus that spurred her to run for office, has laid bare many illusions. Among them are the idea that liberal-leaning voters are in favor of free speech, equal justice for all and an unbiased press. Traditional and principled liberals are increasingly appalled by the hate-filled, anti-democracy vitriol coming from those with whom they thought they were allied.

Women too have lost credibility. For years, the popular media view of supporting women has meant supporting only liberal women. Conservative women, just like conservative Blacks and Jews were rendered invisible. The 2016 election ramped up the bigotry and bias.

I too have a negative emotional reaction to the man Donald Trump. Bill  Clinton evoked similar feelings in me, for many of the same reasons. I want neither man as a friend or neighbor. That is almost completely irrelevant to my actions in the voting booth. While personality isn’t unimportant, it is a small consideration compared to policy and other factors. I am a stronger supporter of President Trump today than I was when I voted for him. Not because I find him a more attractive individual – I don’t – and not only because I appreciate much of what he’s done. Just as my disgust with  Hillary Clinton’s behavior in her political life is part of what propelled me to vote for President Trump, the hysterical reaction from so many women to his election confirms for me that he is just what this country needs. Repealing the Nineteenth Amendment may be far-fetched, but women voting as informed, reasonable and rational citizens shouldn’t be.

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