All the News Not Fit to Print

A refugee from the old Soviet Union once explained to me how she knew what was actually going on in her country and in the world, despite having no trust in the evil empire’s official newspaper, Pravda. She read Pravda not to glean information from what was printed, but rather from what was omitted. Was […]

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Leaning Left

One of my granddaughters recently completed a homeschool assignment requiring her to tell a fairy tale from the point of view of one of the minor characters. She did a wonderful job relating Jack and the Beanstalk from Jack’s mother’s perspective. I think she may have a future in journalism. I regularly scan a variety

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News Stories and Other Works of Fiction

Recently, I read a newspaper story of a boat on fire and its owner’s rescue by a fellow mariner. The account appeared on the online version of our local paper. It confirmed my decision to stop getting a physical copy of the same paper.   You see, certain details about the event were accurately reported.

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