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Little Women – and Littler Women

March 28th, 2019 Posted by Susan's Musings 25 comments

Last week Jews around the world celebrated the holiday of Purim. Starting two weeks before the holiday, we revel in a party-like atmosphere. Jewish elementary schools hold silly hat and pajama days, and you can find an abundance of singing, antics and humorous  spoofs in high schools. So, forgive me for thinking that someone was pulling my leg when they mentioned that Nancy Pelosi advocated lowering the voting age to sixteen.

But Purim has passed and those same news reports persist.  It is hard to hear this being discussed as a serious civic suggestion rather than what it really is—a desperate grab for power.  I mean no disrespect to the teenagers in my life, some of whom happen to be better-informed and more stable than many of their elders.  Still, perhaps this raises the question of whether it is time to see beyond the abuses of the past and restrict voting to those who can pass a basics civics and history exam. While this is probably politically untenable, unlike lowering the voting age it might actually result in a government more capable of maintaining the republic our Founders envisioned.


Gillette’s Male-bashing Commercial and Donald Trump

January 17th, 2019 Posted by AAJC Happenings, On Our Mind 1 comment

Here is a quick thought on the new male-bashing, virtue-signalling Gillette ad.  I think it is wrong to ask whether this is a good business move for them or not. I think it is a good move. Their company name has been in the news non-stop for the past few days.

What would make it a bad move for them? If conservatives didn’t individually decide to boycott  their products, as I’m sure many will, but if a number of conservative organizations and all conservative media voices picked one member of Gillette’s Board of Directors, or one person high-up in the company and dug up dirt on him or her. Perhaps exaggeration and lies might even be involved. (Needless to say, I’m not recommending this, but I think it is a worthwhile train of thought to follow.) The message that, “If you start up with us or don’t agree with our thinking, you will be punished,” would come across loud and clear and make other companies hesitate before jumping on the politically correct bandwagon. This is pretty much what happens when companies offend liberals.

I don’t expect that to happen and I admit to being happy that it won’t. I’m not into mud-wrestling. But for anyone still wondering why so many of us greeted Donald Trump’s election with glee, this should help you understand. I am delighted that after Nancy Pelosi tried to bully him the president with warnings about delaying the State of the Union address because of the government shutdown, President Trump didn’t grovel and he didn’t insist on taking the high road. Instead he explained that her desired trip abroad would, unfortunately, have to be canceled because of the shutdown. YES!!!

Congressman, You’re Not Four Anymore

June 9th, 2011 Posted by Susan's Musings 5 comments

I am writing this blog on Tuesday before the start of the holyday of Shavuot (Pentecost). It will not post until the holyday ends late Thursday night. Congressman Weiner may well have resigned by then. Nonetheless, I  think the point will still stand.

The economy is tumbling and dictators in the Middle East are massacring their subjects. Iran is acquiring nuclear power and in general, crises are looming on the horizon. Does it really matter if a New York congressman is a creep and a liar?

Actually, it does. There are difficult decisions to be made in America today. Those decisions direct members of the military to risk their lives, encourage or discourage citizens from starting or growing their businesses and affect the daily lives of millions. It matters a great deal whether members of Congress are people of integrity who serve this nation or whether they are arrogant, self-centered individuals who see the electorate as a group to be manipulated for their own benefit.

I think that Congressman Weiner has been reading too many parenting books. He seems to be fixated on two, sometimes abused, parenting credos. The first states that when your four year old does something wrong, but truthfully admits his actions, you should praise him for his confession and minimize the consequences. Your goal is to encourage honesty. Wise parents understand two things. Firstly, confessing doesn’t totally cancel out all behavior. If it did you would raise a very badly behaved but honest child. Secondly, a child who confesses to eating cookies because you walk out of his room carrying the empty cookie box is not being honest; he is feeling trapped.

The second parenting credo states that you should emphasize disapproval of the action, while making sure the child knows he is good. That’s great for a four year old, but as we mature our actions really do shape our characters. At some point, if their behavior is despicable, adults forfeit being considered good people.

 Mr. Weiner isn’t the only one looking bad here. The ethics probe for which Nancy Pelosi is calling also misses the point. When politicians exhibit serious character flaws and lie to those who put them in office, legalities are not the issue. If laws were broken then jail time and fines are in order. But serving in Congress is a privilege which demands a higher bar.

When Democrats behave despicably there is always a rush to say, “Well, it happens on both sides of the aisle.” That statement is true. But there is a difference. I have been disappointed in the Republican Party more than once, but I am proud that Republicans urged President Richard Nixon to resign. While I think Republicans fold too quickly under biased media pressure when foolish comments or innocent words are twisted, I think it right that Republicans insist that politicians of their party, like Christopher Lee or John Ensign, resign when they behave unethically and immorally. Too often, Democrats express shock and indignation and then fall back on legalities and time-delaying tactics like ethic probes.

Nancy Pelosi, the mainstream media and, indeed, all Democrats who don’t place unrelenting pressure upon Mr. Weiner to resign are revealing their own lack of integrity and their inflated sense of self-importance. They are showing a disdain for voters while displaying an attitude which views themselves as a powerful ruling class separate from regular Americans. In this world, wives and children are props which help election efforts. Promoting family values and talking about empowering women is a political tool, not a value. If the price of keeping one of their own in office means a diminishing of faith in Congress’s integrity and wisdom, so be it. With enough of their own type in office they can pass legislation which entrenches their own positions no matter how it affects most Americans. They trust in the folly of the American people to keep on believing in them no matter how frequently their hypocrisy is revealed.

When the general belief is that all politicians are cheats and liars, an attitude that Mr. Weiner’s presence in Congress nurtures, we are crippling a vital leg of our civilization. When there is a feeling that our government is “by the politicians and for the politicians,” American loses. That places us in a weakened position to deal wisely with critical matters like terrorism and the economy.

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