Classical Music

I am a classical musician, who is highly trained as a violinist, and I run a music school for children. I see music as a spiritual language that unites people. Unfortunately, classical music is not appreciated, and nor is it understood by many people. It is often viewed as elitist and out of touch. What […]

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Music, Marriage and Eternal Life

On a recent Sunday afternoon, I sat among a capacity crowd in a darkened auditorium.  I sat on the edge of my seat as, upon the stage, about a hundred young people between the ages of ten and seventeen played complex classical musical masterpieces with stunning perfection. The music by Beethoven, Bruch, and Mahler was

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Should I quit my job?

I have been listening to you for several months now and I have greatly appreciated the wisdom you share. However, I am currently struggling to apply some of it to my profession because I work at a public school. Yes, I teach high school music in a GIC and thus am paid by the tax

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Twinkling Talent

Please don’t tell the budding musicians in my family but, while I go to their first concerts out of love for them, the music isn’t all that great. Hot Cross Buns and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star grow old rather quickly, especially when played by novice violinists and violists. This past Sunday, I went to a

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Music, Morality and Mayhem

During 1969 many young people gathered at rock music festivals at Woodstock in upstate New York and at Altamont in Northern California.  Both events were as much about sex and violence as about music and despite the veneer of innocuous love, both had a dark undercurrent.  Rapes, brutal beatings, numerous injuries and countless concussions were

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