A Time To Mourn

Is there a difference between grieving and mourning? I would think it would be two separate words in Hebrew. Can you tell us the difference if any? Thanks, Susan D. Dear Susan, Before we could look at the Hebrew, we wanted to see what the English words meant. Our trusty thesaurus suggested that, for the […]

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Putting Government in Charge of Grief

Another way to destroy capitalism? Perhaps it is time to repurpose Presidents Kennedy’s aphorism. How does “Ask not what your company can do for you, ask what you can do for your company,” sound? I’m prefacing my remarks in this way, because I imagine that the words that follow may come across as cruel, unsympathetic

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Permission to Mourn

‘Your Mother’s Guidance’ by Rebecca Masinter After Joseph was sold to Egypt, his father, Jacob, was told that his son had been ripped apart by a wild animal. Jacob mourned deeply.  We’re told “vayisabel al bno yamim rabim,” “he mourned for his son for many days. “ Over time, his children tried to comfort him. 

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Escape Yesterday

God spare us from these things, but have you ever wondered how someone who apparently had everything to live for, took his or her own life?  A young woman recently qualified as a physician, with grueling years of training behind her and on the threshold of a promising career, throws herself off her hospital roof. 

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