I Can Do It.

The stories related in the following Musing may or may not be based on the truth. They also may or may not have happened to people related to me. This disclaimer seems necessary because busybodies and bureaucrats increasingly think that they should overrule perfectly caring and competent parents when it comes to decisions about their […]

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A Frindle Distraction

As the media sowed frenzied fear during COVID, and the government imposed isolation on citizens, destroying relationships and the economy in one draconian move, people turned to mashed potatoes. Just as had happened after 9/11, comfort food and comfort reading proliferated. Quite frankly, I do not want to be comforted right now. As the hostages

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Horror and Hysteria

This headline greeted readers of the Wall Street Journal last week. “The Tragedy of Being a New Mom in America: One in five mothers in the U.S. suffers from mood and anxiety disorders during pregnancy or soon after birth. For many, help is hard to find.” What followed was a shallow, flawed article filled with

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Cancel Mother’s Day?

The traffic light was red. I took advantage of being stationary to look at the back cover of the library book I had just picked up for my children. Big mistake. By the time the light turned green, I was crying so hard that I needed to pull over to the curb. Sarah, Plain, and

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Fewer Mothers, Fewer Children

The polling booths have closed for the midterm elections in the United States. Some seats changed hands, others stayed as they were, and some races are yet to be called. Whatever the results, the fact is that the true battleground for the future of America lies not in politics but in the culture. In the

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Should I go back to work?

Hi Rabbi and Susan, My husband and I have just finished the audiobook of Business Secrets from the Bible. We are Christians and your teaching has just expanded our minds so much we are so grateful – and my husband who is in management had already seen great “fruit” from applying your biblical teachings in

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Devotion on Steroids

A ‘Your Mother’s Guidance’ Post by Rebecca Masinter Numbers 7:1 says, “And it was on the day that Moses finished erecting the Tabernacle…” Ancient Jewish wisdom asks why Moses is credited with the Tabernacle when we know that Betzalel, Ahaliav, and a team of others actually did the work.  The answer is that Moses is

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A Mother Gives Life

I would like to share a story with you from a friend (with her permission), a mother in Jerusalem. I have added translations for Hebrew terms and some other clarifying information in brackets.  On the other side of my wall, there is a shiva [week of mourning] taking place for my 84-year-old neighbor, Yosef, [Josef]

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Holiness with a Side of Cheerios?

A ‘Your Mother’s Guidance’ post by Rebecca Masinter Leviticus 19 opens with the words: “And God spoke to Moses saying.  Speak to the entire assembly of the children of Israel and say to them, ‘You shall be holy, for I, HaShem, your God, am holy.’” Let’s not get into what exactly we are supposed to

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Still Mothering: An Update

Almost six years ago, I wrote: My baby came home. O.k., as a third-year medical student, he isn’t technically a baby. He isn’t even technically my baby as three younger sisters arrived after him. And he only came home for four days. But any mother reading this knows what I’m feeling. There seems to be

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