Define This

The adolescent daughter of friends of ours has an annoying habit. To almost anything said to her, she aggressively retorts, “Define __”. For instance, when I saw her last week, I innocuously greeted her with “Hello Denise, how are things with you?” “Define things” she snapped back. There was, of course, no good answer. One […]

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The Missing Morality Matrix

You’re in luck if you want a deal on a battery car. Even with government incentives that penalize Kansas farmers to underwrite the purchase of Teslas in Beverly Hills, e-cars aren’t selling. General Motors has abandoned its e-car production targets. Mercedes Benz is offering discounts of up to $5,000 to buyers of its electric vehicles.

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Connect the Dots

Have you seen the connect-the-dots pages meant for adults? As five-year-olds, we may have done a simple page of that type, moving from the dot placed next to the number 1 until we reached the dot next to the number 20. Perhaps a clown or a truck greeted us if we did everything in the

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Time for Behaving Charitably?

What would you do? A few weeks ago, a blizzard hit upstate New York, leaving emergency vehicles ineffective as motorists were stranded in almost 52 inches of snow. For drivers, the prospect of freezing to death in one’s car was a scary reality. In one small town, a mechanic by the name of Jay Withey

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I have a great career opportunity

Should I turn it down? Greetings from Croatia! I have been following your podcasts since 2015. I have recommended them to many people already and will continue to do so, because I think your work really adds value. It has influenced my life and some of my most important decisions in life already, in a

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How Could They? How Could We?

How could they? How could dedicated medical doctors participate in what was then known as the “Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male,” while withholding both necessary treatment and information from patients? How could they? How could educated and sophisticated lawyers and doctors have participated in the extermination of millions of Jews in

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Am I doing wrong by taking government money?

Is it wrong to receive EBT and cash aid? Am I being selfish by not working? I’ve considered your topics on serving others and receiving money for it, would this be making money without serving others? I would appreciate your general thoughts on this subject, but I want to describe what my personal situation is

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How Much Is Too Much?

Policies that contradict timeless truths expressed in the Bible simply don’t work.  Confiscatory rates of taxation and punitive inheritance taxes fly in the face of wisdom contained in ancient texts revered by tens of millions of Jews and Christians. These texts are relevant today because ideologies which the Bible frowns upon inevitably turn out to

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Understanding Moral Hierarchy

Question: “I’m listening to your radio podcast from the Blaze Radio and find such clarity in your positions. You were discussing moral hierarchy and giving examples in relationship to immigrants and I had come to the same conclusion but had no idea of the rationale to back up what I thought. Can you share some

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Music, Morality and Mayhem

During 1969 many young people gathered at rock music festivals at Woodstock in upstate New York and at Altamont in Northern California.  Both events were as much about sex and violence as about music and despite the veneer of innocuous love, both had a dark undercurrent.  Rapes, brutal beatings, numerous injuries and countless concussions were

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