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Why Don’t Men Get It?

Hello Rabbi and Susan Lapin, Thank you for all your useful teachings, which I enjoy on a daily basis. I have another marriage question for you. It is interesting to me that while many women are, rightly or wrongly, the main breadwinners in their homes, they still continue to do more household tasks than their […]

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Differing Sex Drives

Dear Rabbi Lapin and Susan, I was talking to a friend the other day and he made the statement, “When I meet God, I’m going to ask him why he created men and women with such different sex drives.” I immediately thought of forwarding the question to you. Please let me know what ancient Jewish

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Bossy Women – Like Me?

I have been watching a lot of one particular daily TV show lately. I actually recommend this show to you, though I am not an objective observer. The show is Ancient Jewish Wisdom, hosted by my husband and me. While I think the content is fascinating, I was trying to track one specific feature.  Do

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Like so many couples, my husband and I sometimes see the same things in completely different ways. For example, other than on Shabbat and holydays, my husband feels out of touch without his cell phone and blackberry within reach. I, on the other hand, dislike having my cell phone near. If I’m home, I prefer

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