A Soldier is a Soldier

A friend, the mother of a West Point graduate, shared a link to a program at the military academy. The cadets were standing tall and straight, singing what I assume is a West Point song. It was heart-warming and lovely—and troubling. What disturbed me was the very notable female presence. From statistics I saw, it […]

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She’s offering me security. Is that enough?

I am in my late 30s and not doing so well financially (but that’s absolutely about to change having come in contact with your teachings). I am currently with a lady who is 5 years older than myself and doing pretty well for herself. Should I for financial security settle down with her even though

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Granite Men; Marshmallow Boys

Imagine a woman in the mid 1800s crossing North America by wagon train. Now imagine her amazement if she was to travel a  similar distance today by jet. Multiple blessings of gratitude would spill from her lips. I tried to keep this in mind recently when I was cramped into a small seat, grazing shoulders

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Character, Not Chromosomes, Is the Culprit

Like English cuisine, French fortitude, and Italian military, the term toxic masculinity is an oxymoron.  If it is toxic, it’s not masculine and if it’s masculine it isn’t toxic.  Okay, I was joking about those old national slurs (I apologize, you social Stalinists, yes, I know it wasn’t funny!) But think of the phrase ‘cowering

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