Mysteries of Love – Originally posted on Sept. 30, 2009

My husband picked up some groceries for me last week, which led me to ponder one of the mysteries of love. One of the signs of a healthy marriage is when you relate to behavior from your spouse with amusement or even affection, while that same action would irritate you if it came from anyone […]

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An Old-Fashioned Reaction

I shocked both my husband and myself last week. A friend forwarded us a human interest article from a major newspaper, expecting that we would be as appalled by it as he was. My husband reacted as anticipated. To my amazement, I didn’t. The article ran in a column which each week highlights the story

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Like so many couples, my husband and I sometimes see the same things in completely different ways. For example, other than on Shabbat and holydays, my husband feels out of touch without his cell phone and blackberry within reach. I, on the other hand, dislike having my cell phone near. If I’m home, I prefer

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A Week of Bliss – originally posted Nov. 27, 2008

Since we finally got the CD mentioned in this post finished, I’ve linked to it so you can read more about it. I gather from news reports that a pastor in California has called on his married congregants to commit to seven straight days of sex. As an attention getting device, both for his members

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You Made Me

A few years ago, a large construction company was uneasy about having to change managers in the middle of an important project.  They consulted me after they placed Jennifer in charge of developing the new financial controls system.  I soon discovered that though she was familiar with the work plan and project definition, she was

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Ice Skating – Nice Mating

Have you noticed how many married, or soon to be married, couples compete in the Olympics as pair skaters? I hadn’t paid much attention to this until my friend, Julie, suggested that I watch the video of Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo’s Olympic skating performance. Their skating was indeed spectacular, but Julie’s comment that the

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The Age of Maturity

When I was a teenager, my family attended a wedding which broadened my horizons quite a bit. I hadn’t attended many wedding before then, but the ones that I did took place in a gossamer haze, having as much to do with Cinderella and Barbie as real life. The brides looked like princesses, the grooms,

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Letter from radio listener

There are several ways in which people communicate with me. Some call in to my radio show on Sundays (415) 808-5600 at KSFO San Francisco, while others email me from either or from Either way, I do get the email, read it all, and respond to about 25% even if the response is

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On Time? It Depends.

My husband and I didn’t know each other during our school days. But it seems that we took very different approaches to our studies. When I was assigned a paper that was due, let’s say, in six weeks, I immediately gave myself a slightly earlier artificial due date in case of unexpected impediments, and then

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Professional Wives

There’s been quite a brouhaha going on over at Forbes Magazine. It all started when author Michael Noer published an on-line article with a pretty provocative opener. “Guys: A word of advice. Marry pretty women or ugly ones. Short ones or tall ones. Blondes or brunettes. Just, whatever you do, don’t marry a woman with

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