Being a Loving Husband

My wife has recently been diagnosed with a disease we have never heard of before. Syrngohydromyelia. Her MRI of the brain, which was indicated after severe migraines after our son was born, showed that she has a congenital Chiari malformation which causes fluid filled cysts to develop in the space where the cerebrospinal fluid is […]

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Privilege vs. Blessing

I do not want to be a nit-picker. Naturally, this is what one would say when she is about to nit pick. So be it. I am going to write about my frustration with a book I read because I think there is an important point to make, even though what upset me is not

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My Son is Doing the Opposite

I have prayed since my boys were babies that they’d grow up to marry Jewish and find their destined brides at the right time. My son is dating a non-Jewish woman. I’m going to Israel in a few weeks. What additional prayers or commandments can I do to have my son move toward having a

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I’m the Breadwinner

Dear Rabbi and Susan, You mentioned in your recent podcast that it is detrimental to a marriage when the woman is the primary breadwinner. What advice do you have for a wife who is the primary breadwinner when her husband is physically healthy but has chosen to be a househusband and won’t look for work?

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Does a Broken Heart Lead to a Great Marriage?

Back in 2006, Arthur C. Brooks, an economist who focuses on the intersection of economics, culture, and politics, wrote a book based on the results of studies he conducted. Today, in 2024, what he did sounds outrageously courageous. When the results of the study did not align with what he expected (and hoped) to find,

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Separate Vacations for Spouses

Does the idea of your spouse taking a vacation with her girlfriends or his guy friends make you uneasy? David H. Dear David, You initially asked this question on our Happy Warrior discussion board, and it received some conflicting—and passionate—responses. We asked you if we could bring it to the attention of all our readers

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Finding a Good Wife

Dear Rabbi and Susan, I have reached an impasse in my life. I come from a troubled family background and have had to step in and take charge of my parents’ life in a way that a child never should have to do. We are talking about dealing with mental illness and bankruptcy among other

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I Earn; She Won’t Spend

Dear Rabbi and Susan, I don’t expect an answer, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt trying.For context, I am a 29-year-old evangelical roofer, with about a $700k net worth. Our house is paid for and our insurance/utilities/electrical/heat/property taxes equal $420 a month. These last few weeks, I’ve been earning about $2,000 a day. My wife

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I’ve Had It With My Husband

I need advice on what to do in this situation. My husband is not easy to talk to. If I have something that I want to talk about like the budget or something about our relationship, it seems to end up in big fights, anger outbursts, or me crying. There are some relationship concerns that

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Is It Time To Break Off This Relationship?

Hello Rabbi Daniel and Susan, I’m Vera from Nigeria. I met this guy on Twitter about 3 years ago. We developed friendship and affection for each other. A few months down the line, we stopped communicating — he never called or texted again, neither did I. I recently got a random call from this same

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