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When Satire Becomes Reality

October 24th, 2019 Posted by Susan's Musings 29 comments

What adjective is associated with British humor—or humour, to spell it more appropriately? Surely, the answer is ‘dry,’ though other than saying that one knows it when one hears it, I’m not sure what the technical definition of dry humor is.

However you describe it, my husband is a master at it. For this reason I don’t get surprised when a rather large percentage of listeners to his podcast don’t recognize when his broadcast  is in parody mode. Our children and I have had our turns of belatedly realizing that our legs were being pulled with such craftsmanship that we had no idea we were participating in a parody.

Like many Jews, our family has just concluded a month full of holydays. We have spent an amazing amount of time praying, eating and enjoying the company of relatives and friends. The days between the holydays were filled with preparation for the next special day as well as trying to keep up with ministry and business on a three-day-workweek schedule. Between not wanting the external world to intrude on these festive days and not having enough hours for everything I needed to do on regular days, I spent much less time than usual following the news.

This led to a feeling that my computer had been taken over by the Babylon Bee (a satirical website) when I once again began looking at email newsletters from conservative sites. Either that or my husband had gotten into my email account and was playing an elaborate hoax. Could Always® brand of feminine products actually be removing a female symbol from their packaging to be more inclusive? Could a jury in Texas (Texas!) actually have rejected the claim of a father to save his very young child from life-altering gender transitioning being pushed by his ex-wife? Could intelligent, seemingly rational people actually be championing the end of women’s sports by insisting that biology is irrelevant in deciding whether one can compete in a girls’ or women’s event?

There was a third possible explanation for what I was reading. In their desperate quest for eyeballs, websites were producing inaccurate and misleading headlines. So, I did a bit of searching. That hope collapsed  when USA Today, certainly not a bastion of conservative propaganda, reported, “Procter & Gamble brand Always® is removing the Venus symbol, commonly used to designate “female,” from the packaging around its sanitary pads in an effort to be more inclusive.” No sarcasm, no witty satire, just a company that for decades  has marketed feminine hygiene products now making a business decision in a world gone mad.

As for the Texas jury, I tried to find the story on CNN websites and couldn’t. I then searched Fox News’ website and didn’t find it there either. Either the story isn’t as clear-cut as reported or child abuse in the name of progressive ideas has become so normative that it isn’t news. I don’t know what the full story on this one is.

When it comes to girls being set up for failure in sports, I’m afraid that story is already so old that I know it to be true. Reading these accounts  in the news after a hiatus simply hit like a blast of cold wind after I had spent a month treasuring and enjoying days full of warm spiritual and physical truths.

A story is told of a far-off land where the king and prime minister realize that all their country’s water sources have been contaminated with elements that will cause everyone to go insane. The prime minister suggests to the king that they each paint a blue circle on their foreheads.

“How will that keep us from going crazy?” asks the king.

“It won’t,” replies the prime minister, “but at least when we see the dots on our foreheads they will remind us that we actually are crazy.”

Is it time to purchase pots of blue paint?

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