It’s Not Fair

Dear Rabbi and Susan, This video was a wowzer!!! [Scrolling through Scripture Genesis Unit 1] Going back to the references around separation and children. I have an 11-yr-old and an 8-yr-old. They are close enough in age where the 11-yr-old is being granted more (responsibility, access, privileges) that the 8-yr-old looks at, compares to his […]

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Brave Leadership

I’m not seeing it in my church When you were leading a synagogue did you have the freedom to teach in the same way you teach now? I see many pastors provide a watered-down version of their faith afraid of the loss of numbers. I get discouraged and find more satisfaction when the pastor is

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Have you noticed how politicians in every country, even those only slightly influenced by the teachings of Karl Marx, tend to drive wedges between segments of the electorate?  They specialize in fanning the flames of resentment of the poor against the rich.  They encourage women to see men as their enemies.  And of course they

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Back to you, Mr. President

As the massive Republican presidential candidate field narrowed down in 2016, I wrote quite a few Musings sharing my thought processes. Donald Trump was not a natural choice for me, though by the time election night came I was fully on board. This time around, only a few avid never-Trumpers are even thinking of a

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Leadership and Levitation

A friend once invited me to join him and several other guests on a day sail off the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.  After his rhapsodic description of the classic sailboat and his praise of the captain whom I was going to be fortunate enough to meet, I could hardly accept quickly enough. 

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Say Little and Lead Much

Leaders enjoy many benefits.  People seen as leaders get promoted and opportunities come their way.  Parents whose children respect them as leaders have more functional families.   But how do you begin the process of getting others to see you as a leader? We have all seen leadership in action.  Perhaps one participant at a

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Auf Wiedersehen, Deutschland

Have you ever found yourself pursuing a self-destructive course of action as if propelled by some invisible malignant force? Maybe it was an out of control shopping spree you could ill afford. Or perhaps you lost your temper with a child, threatening draconian penalties that you could never enforce. What of the business professional focused

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Lions and Foxes and Me, Oh My

  Has anyone ever asked you whether you are more a cat or a dog person?  Before you answer, think about this: Members of the cat family, including lions, often carry their tails high.   Most times, members of the dog family, including foxes, hunt with their noses close to the ground as they follow

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