Danger – Laughter Ahead

Humor can be dangerous. In Stalinist Russia laughing at a joke the regime deemed inappropriate might trigger loss of a job or worse. Today, in the United States, comedians as famous as Jerry Seinfeld no longer perform on college campuses based on the hate-filled reactions hurled at them. Paradoxically, a sense of humor remains high […]

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Not Funny

When you eat only kosher food, as our family does, traveling has an added element of uncertainty. Will there be a kosher market or restaurant? What will the quality be? We are grateful that in the United States many national brands of crackers and other items are kosher and fruits and vegetable are easily accessible.

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Exit Laughing

Have you ever met someone who simply doesn’t have a sense of humor? A few years back, I used a computer program to plan one of our daughter’s weddings. By entering data online, I could more easily keep track of invitations mailed, responses received and even table seating. Unfortunately, the program’s instructions were so confusing

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