Flu Vaccines

I have just discovered that the yearly flu vaccine contains a pork product used to stabilize the vaccine. I am Messianic and follow Torah. Is there any other alternative flu vaccine? Shalom,Paul S. Dear Paul, Thanks for writing. Regardless of background, everybody is impacted by what they eat. There is an entire industry based on …

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What’s Positive about Pigs? (and camels)

‘Your Mother’s Guidance’ by Rebecca Masinter Chapter 14 of the book of Deuteronomy lists two signs that kosher mammals must possess: they must have cloven hooves and chew their cuds. A few animals have one sign but are lacking the other one, rendering them non-kosher. The Torah lists these animals. We would have expected that …

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Is a Vegetarian Diet Kosher?

Question: Are vegetarian/vegan diets considered kosher? Do many Jews follow vegetarian diets? Thanks in advance! Brian Answer:  Dear Brian, There is both a practical and philosophical answer to your question. Many of the laws of keeping kosher relate to the source of the food as well as the separation between meat and milk products. All …

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