My Job is Training Others

I love listening to your podcast and I have watched all your Scrolling through Scripture classes. Thank you for taking the time to produce them. They are always a highlight of my day. I am the director of training for my company. I was just put into this position a few weeks ago. I have […]

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I Lost My Job!

…and it’s really getting me down Dear Rabbi and Susan (and all happy warriors out there!), A couple of weeks ago my work contract was terminated. We entered a mutual agreement of termination, which means that technically (legally) I wasn’t fired, even though the end result is not much different. As I was listening to

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How can I best ace a job interview?

Hi Rabbi Lapin and Susan Lapin, I am a great follower of TCT ancient Jewish wisdom. It is a great show and most importantly inspiring for life. I have a quick question. I have graduated with my MS in mechanical engineering, but still I am facing difficulties in  finding a job. Could you please give

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Am I depriving someone of a job

Question: I read an article in the newspaper which mentioned that older workers need to retire at 55 so that young people can get jobs. Am I depriving youngsters from getting jobs? Siti Answer:  Dear Siti, The short and simple answer is NO. The article you read ignores the fact that God created each and

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Soft Skills

My husband and I spend a fair amount of time filming our TV show, Ancient Jewish Wisdom on the TCT network. We used to work on our set in Marion, IL, but recently we started taping in the Akron, OH studio. Every time we have been there, we interact with a large number of station

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I Want to Switch Jobs

Question: I enjoyed your book Thou Shall Prosper. I am looking for any suggestions regarding the frustrations I am having with getting a job. My degree is in engineering and I have worked several jobs as both a sales engineer and technical support person. I don’t like engineering! My family coaxed me to do engineering. 

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Should we use plastic bottles?

Question: My daughter is off to college and came home talking about how plastic water bottles, when left out in the sun (like, she said so many markets do) causes the plastic to release cancer causing chemicals. Her answer to this was more stringent regulation against super markets. How would you answered her question on

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