Do as I Do, Not as I Say

Years ago, the little yeshiva in Skokie, Illinois, had a pathetic basketball team.  Just a bunch of slightly nerdy kids stumbling around the court.  Their star forward  dribbled like a drunk trying to stomp a cockroach.  They were so low in the Jewish schools’ league that they usually fell off the bottom of the page. […]

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Can a non-Jew become “Chosen”?

Question: I listen to your podcast very often and I must say, that those helped me in becoming better human being. Hence my relationship with God improved as well (at least I think). But as I read through the Bible and other books, I always find some mention that only Israelites are the God’s nation.

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Why are Jews so liberal?

Question: Rabbi, my wife and I have been enjoying your Blaze podcasts, and have bought some of your products. Thank you and Susan both for the high quality of the content. My question is about Jews and liberalism. You are obviously an independent thinker, and appear to hold conservative values. How is it that most

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Are there Jews everywhere?

Question: I understand that God warned in Deuteronomy 28 that He would disperse the Jews throughout the world “from one end of the earth to the other”. Did this happen? Are Jews in every country; for example Chile? Iceland? Korea? South Africa? How far were they dispersed? ∼ Kate S. Answer: Dear Kate, Chile –

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Religious Discrimination?

A few people who read that my son and his classmates were going to be penalized in their medical school grades for missing so many days while fully observing the fall Jewish holidays, wrote me that they saw this as religious discrimination.  I disagree. As a mother, I was certainly unhappy to hear that my

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