How Did You Homeschool?

Hello Rabbi and Susan, My husband and I have chosen to homeschool our children. Our oldest will be seven in a few months, our other two children are four and two. There are only two families in our Jewish community who have homeschooled their children. Overall, not many people in the Jewish community homeschool, especially […]

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My Son is Doing the Opposite

I have prayed since my boys were babies that they’d grow up to marry Jewish and find their destined brides at the right time. My son is dating a non-Jewish woman. I’m going to Israel in a few weeks. What additional prayers or commandments can I do to have my son move toward having a

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Why Are the Shrinks Jewish?

I enjoyed watching a five-floor building being constructed nearby. I enjoyed the sound as workmen started up the giant diesel engines in their bulldozers promptly at 7am every morning. I enjoyed watching men swarm up rickety-looking scaffolding to pour concrete columns and sway precariously on cherry picker platforms thirty feet up in the air welding

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How Do I Find a Rabbi

Following from your comments in the Deep Dive on My Daughter the Lawyer, I would like to ask some questions about finding a local rabbi. First of all, am I correct in assuming that, even though you refer to yourself as my rabbi, you recognize the importance of our primary Rabbi being someone in the

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The Missing Morality Matrix

You’re in luck if you want a deal on a battery car. Even with government incentives that penalize Kansas farmers to underwrite the purchase of Teslas in Beverly Hills, e-cars aren’t selling. General Motors has abandoned its e-car production targets. Mercedes Benz is offering discounts of up to $5,000 to buyers of its electric vehicles.

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What I Didn’t Say

How many times have you replayed a conversation in your mind, knowing exactly what you should have said, but didn’t? Alternatively, you might fixate on what you did say and shouldn’t have. When I occasionally subbed for my husband on his radio show, and then when we co-hosted our Ancient Jewish Wisdom TV show, it

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Lean Upon the Counter

All sorts of schools ranging from elementary to graduate level are abolishing grades or objective entrance exams such as the SATs. It is not a coincidence that this is happening as less learning and less transmission of verifiable skills take place. Numbers have a funny way of revealing reality. Just as most speedy drivers would

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I’m Reading About Kabbala

I came across a book entitled Invoking Angels written by a Master Kabbalist. Do you recommend this book, and what are your thoughts on Angels and Kabbalism? Fred Dear Fred, If you are at a dinner party and someone you have just met tells you that he is the top-ranking undercover spy for the CIA,

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Is The Bible For Me…

Thank you for all you do providing wisdom and guidance. How does one who isn’t Jewish know if the Bible is for him, or just for a certain people living at a certain time? Thanks again. Marcus W. Dear Marcus, In one of the most delicious ironies of history, the home of the French philosopher

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Should I stop my child playing?

Question: Dear Rabbi Daniel & Susan Lapin, I am a Christian woman who is enjoying the journey of learning our Jewish roots. I recently ordered your library collection and I am quite enraptured in the wisdom that is shared. You are absolutely right when you say, ‘You need a rabbi!’  I have a question regarding

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