Day 180

For many weeks after October 7, 2023, my Musings column revolved around the massacre that had taken place in Israel and the aftermath. We are now 180 days since then, 180 days of hostages whose fates are unknown, 180 days of families displaced from their homes, and 180 days of both suffering and resilience. Close […]

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Of Funerals

Several weeks ago, I wrote about our 19-year-old grandson studying at an Israeli college, who attended his first funeral. It was not the funeral of an aged relative, but of someone only slightly older than him, who was killed fighting in the war in Gaza. Last week it was the turn of our daughter’s 13-year-old

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Angry, and Showing It

A piece of advice I try to take to heart is, “Don’t get furious, get curious.” That is wonderful advice when a parent, spouse, child, or friend disappoints you. If someone breaks into your home and points a gun, curiosity might need to take second place to a different reaction. Speaking or writing while amid

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Hi, My name is Joanna. I hope you are safe, and your family is OK. I have a question, but I understand if you don’t want to answer. What is your opinion about Israel’s decision to cut electricity, food, and water to Gaza?I’m sorry if it seems like an offensive question, but reading what you

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Resilient Israeli Teenagers

Resilience: the capacity to withstand or recover quickly from difficulties. We wish this quality for our children, especially because in America and Europe we have a front-row seat viewing the anxious, fragile, angry, and self-aggrandizing university students who have never met a challenge that cannot beat them. I have been witnessing resilience daily since the

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Wimps or Daredevils

I discovered a previously unpublished Musing deep in the bowels of my computer. From the anecdote therein, I must have written it over six years ago. Within the past few weeks, I have been bombarded with statistics about anxious children, suicidal teens, and emotionally precarious young adults. As society’s hysteria and behavior over COVID upped

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Move to Israel?

My husband and I both lived in Israel prior to getting married. We met there, got married, then moved back to the US. We’ve thought about returning to Israel at some point (we both have family there). We see many benefits to living in the Jewish homeland, however, we recognize that Israel is still mostly

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Choose Life Déjà Vu

So many things have changed over the past nine years. Millions have been born and millions have died; governments have risen and governments have fallen. Many other things have simply become more extreme and widespread. Hatred for Israel, especially in America and Europe, is one of those things. After four years of peace and increasing

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Is Airbnb anti-Semitic?

I’m currently an AirBnB host to earn extra money (I don’t need the extra income).  Recently AirBnB came out with a new policy not allowing Jews in the West Bank, or Judea and Samaria to rent out their homes.  To me this seems like anti-Semitism and would like your advice on what to do?  I’m

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Is Evangelical Support Good for the Jews?

The following appeared in Jewish in Seattle magazine, the August/September 2018, edition. The question posed to Rabbi Daniel Lapin was, “Is Evangelical support good for the Jews?” Forgive me for conforming to the rabbinic stereotype of answering a question with a question but when you ask “…good for the Jews?”  which Jews do you mean? 

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