Knowledge Before Action?

Yielding to the temptation to offer advice is fearsomely dangerous. When asked for advice, it is indeed tempting to respond magnanimously as the wiser and more experienced person. Condescendingly giving advice, as a rich man grants pennies to a beggar, certainly strokes the ego, but it is oh, so very dangerous. I know of what […]

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Starting a New Business

I would like to start a real estate investment firm, for two reasons. First, my employer reduced me to half-time, and second, I want to work from a home office so that I can help my wife with our child who has autism. The question is related to engaging in entrepreneurship while the spouse opposes

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I’m in Debt

My name is Nicholas from Nairobi Kenya, a Happy Warrior in the making. My question is on the F of Finance. How does one increase his income and get out of debt, especially now that the world and Kenya are experiencing high inflation rates? I ask this notwithstanding what you have said about your financial

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Tithing and Taxes

Dear Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin, My husband and I want to pick your brain regarding tithing. In 2020, we started our own trucking company and have been doing very well for ourselves. We began tithing in 2022 always giving the first 10% to the Lord. We have a lot of fun giving and often

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If God is in charge, why is my effort necessary

Question: If God determines our wealth and marriage partner, is there a point to purchasing a book on how to obtain these? Tom P. Answer:  Dear Tom, Did you ever watch the 1960s’ TV show Gilligan’s Island? Seven people became castaways when their boat foundered. One of these was known as the Professor. While the

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Does God Determine How Much You Earn?

The Jewish “New Year”, Rosh Hashana,  has just ended.  I have been privileged to be teaching in Jerusalem where several people have asked me the same question.  If God judges every human on this holyday, and furthermore He determines the fate of everyone including their financial fortunes, why bother working?  Everything is up to God

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No Work This Monday

Got a project that you’re proud of at work? Better hurry up and get it done because all work is soon coming to an end. Machines are taking over; it’s the end of work. Some greet the news with dismay, What will people do with all that leisure? Others eagerly anticipate a world of all

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