Silly Ideas

Many people actively work in the world of “things”. Car mechanics, aircraft designers, electricians, farmers, bridge designers, bridge builders, and bridge painters are some of these people. Plumbers, carpenters, crane operators, machinists, gardeners, concrete masons, and shoemakers are a few more. Nature’s laws of physics, chemistry, and biology keep these people in check. As you […]

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Effete Intellectuals Ignore Reality

In some jobs, you work mostly with people. Teachers, nurses, waitresses, customer service specialists, therapists, and stewardesses come to mind. Not surprisingly they are occupations which women often prefer and happen to be good at. (Yes, of course, I know that these are obsolete ‘stereotypes’ but humor me and go back a few years.) Then

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Rabbi, there’s a conflict in your teachings.

Question: I’ve noticed two major themes in your writing and speaking that, when taken together, create a dilemma. These are the themes of income being associated with the production of value for others, and the fact that the values of society are becoming less and less moral as civilization has deteriorated recently.   So this

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