Being a Loving Husband

My wife has recently been diagnosed with a disease we have never heard of before. Syrngohydromyelia. Her MRI of the brain, which was indicated after severe migraines after our son was born, showed that she has a congenital Chiari malformation which causes fluid filled cysts to develop in the space where the cerebrospinal fluid is […]

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Share Your Life, Share Your Money

I had the privilege this week of being at Dave Ramsey’s campus and studio, where Dave and his daughter, Rachel Cruze, interviewed my husband about our book The Holistic You. Towards the end of the conversation, Dave mentioned that the very personable Rachel only receives intense pushback, and even hostility, when it comes to one

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How Can I Tell My Son…

Peace be with you. I’m a Christian by faith, and I have great love and respect for Jews and Israel. I’ve read the Torah and many books of the Bible and always wondered, why were male Jews allowed to marry more than one wife and/or be with their wife’s servant? Among the 613 and 10

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Clean, Cleaner, and Cleanest

I have a friend who gets very little pleasure from cooking. It is a necessity of life for her rather than a tactile, sensual experience. That is, unless she is cooking for the Sabbath. When she cooks Shabbat meals for her family and friends, the activity is infused with meaning and evolves from being an

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Finding a Good Wife

Dear Rabbi and Susan, I have reached an impasse in my life. I come from a troubled family background and have had to step in and take charge of my parents’ life in a way that a child never should have to do. We are talking about dealing with mental illness and bankruptcy among other

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I Earn; She Won’t Spend

Dear Rabbi and Susan, I don’t expect an answer, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt trying.For context, I am a 29-year-old evangelical roofer, with about a $700k net worth. Our house is paid for and our insurance/utilities/electrical/heat/property taxes equal $420 a month. These last few weeks, I’ve been earning about $2,000 a day. My wife

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What Does the Hebrew Mean?

I want to know more about your understanding of the term “Ezer kenegdo” (Genesis 2:18) translated as helpmate in English. What does it actually mean? Jonathan Dear Jonathan, We are delighted that you recognize that any translation of a word or words in the Bible into another language is going to miss out on much

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I’ve Had It With My Husband

I need advice on what to do in this situation. My husband is not easy to talk to. If I have something that I want to talk about like the budget or something about our relationship, it seems to end up in big fights, anger outbursts, or me crying. There are some relationship concerns that

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1 Bank Account; 2 Bank Accounts

I have been listening to your podcasts for roughly about two years now and find them very insightful on God’s word and relevant to the times and seasons, thank you for being a blessing. I come from an African household where my father was the main provider as he had a very stable and well-paid

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Why is my cheating spouse doing great?

Question: Why when one is faithful in a marriage and is betrayed it seems like they are punished by the break up of the family and losses. The cheater goes on and looks successful.   How to move forward? ∼ Karen Answer: Dear Karen, We are so sorry for what sounds like a tremendously difficult

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