How Did You Homeschool?

Hello Rabbi and Susan, My husband and I have chosen to homeschool our children. Our oldest will be seven in a few months, our other two children are four and two. There are only two families in our Jewish community who have homeschooled their children. Overall, not many people in the Jewish community homeschool, especially […]

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Is My Work Without Value?

I have been married for 3+ decades. Raised with traditional values. When our children were born, I became a stay at home, mom and eventually homeschooled our kids. I helped, periodically, with our businesses. Our kids are all becoming doctors, so they’ve been home, on and off, a little longer than the age of 18.

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Don’t Homeschool for the Wrong Reasons

Human beings are complicated. We do things for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes we understand our motivations, other times we are clueless and often we think we understand but are only misleading ourselves. Starting, or continuing to homeschool is no exception. My own journey began when one of our daughters became increasingly sad and fragile

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What to do with a disgruntled member?

Question: I am a homeschool mom who is connected to a homeschool community. We meet on a weekly basis. The children are tutored by the moms and are paid. The moms are encouraged to help out and use their talents with organizing field trips, taking photos to create a year book , etc.  We have

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Lifetime Learning

After our friend, Mike, served multiple military tours overseas and was back in civilian life, he explained to me that one is never an ex-Marine. You may not be on active service, but you are still a Marine. I hope he and his comrades won’t find this offensive, but I feel somewhat the same way

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