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Graternity Leave

October 12th, 2010 Posted by Susan's Musings 6 comments


Here is an entitlement program I can support: graternity leave (maternity = mother; paternity = father; graternity = grandparent). I’m not thinking of initiating a lawsuit or picketing corporate America, however I would like to raise social awareness of this option.

After a month of Jewish holydays which substantially cut down on available work days, I should be aggressively returning to business. The backlog of unanswered emails and the work needed to get our newest audio CD available for sale are overwhelming. Customer interaction, Musings writing and regular administrative details are all areas which have been sorely neglected.

I’m afraid they will continue to be disregarded, or at the very least they won’t get my undivided attention. Our daughter and son-in-law presented us with an enchanting baby boy early Sunday morning a week ago. I am in Jerusalem filling my daughter’s freezer and helping her adjust to her new reality. In theory, I could find time to do some work as well, but I’d rather spend my time staring at the baby as he yawns, squishes his face and gazes around.  I am hereby invoking graternity leave.

Word crafting runs in our family. My son has pointed out that there is an inclusive word for sisters and brothers – siblings. However, no equivalent exists for nieces and nephews of which, thank God, he has a growing numbers. Hence, his new word – niblings.

Longer musings from me will resume shortly.

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