Hillary van Winkle

Remember Rip van Winkle? He was the American of Dutch origin who fell asleep for twenty years only to awaken to an utterly changed country. He slept through two decades that included the American revolution. Millenia before Washington Irving wrote this story, ancient Jewish wisdom records the tale of Choni Ha’Meagel, who fell asleep for […]

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A Broken Library System

I have lost faith in many government institutions. The IRS, the Justice Department, the military, and the CDC (among others) have behaved in ways that, sadly, suggest that they are politicized weapons rather than pillars of support for American society. Yet, the one tax-supported institution whose diminishment emotionally pains me the most is not a

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IVF and Abortion

In the United States, it is becoming clear that the Democrat Party and its supporters hope to make abortion the issue that will provide them with victory in the next election. After all, it isn’t easy to get people to ignore rising crime, hordes of illegal aliens, rampant inflation, and sick ideologies spreading in schools,

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If you have been stifling shocked sounds each time you pay at the supermarket, you are not alone. While government officials tendentiously explain why inflation isn’t actually occurring, those of us who are not political puppets know very well that our dollar is not going as far as it did only a short while ago.

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Horatio Bunce – American Hero

If I asked you to name ten American heroes, George Washington would probably make the list. If you thought in terms of more modern history, perhaps you might add names such as Marcus Luttrell, the Navy SEAL who told his harrowing tale in his book, Lone Survivor. I doubt that Horatio Bunce would be on

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Demeaned, Dethroned Debate

I did not watch the dueling governors, Ron DeSantis and Gavin Newsom, last week. Reports tell me that millions of Americans did do so, but I have yet to come across any of them. Like me, those people I’ve asked watched a few opening minutes or caught a highlight reel the next day. But watch

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Horror and Hysteria

This headline greeted readers of the Wall Street Journal last week. “The Tragedy of Being a New Mom in America: One in five mothers in the U.S. suffers from mood and anxiety disorders during pregnancy or soon after birth. For many, help is hard to find.” What followed was a shallow, flawed article filled with

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Trust vs. Mistrust

Psychological theories come and go. Sometimes, bogus ideas take hold and do damage as they embed themselves in society, while authentic ideas can lose popularity as they are not cutting-edge and exciting. I do not know if Erik Erikson’s stages of psycho-social development are in vogue now, but his views were what I remember from

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Constructive Construction

There is a lot of construction going on outside our window. Bobcats are maneuvering around cranes and cement mixers are dancing around excavators. If I was a seven-year-old boy, I would be ecstatic. But I am not; so I am not. Access to our street is often impeded, our parking spots are blocked, construction noise

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Putting Government in Charge of Grief

Another way to destroy capitalism? Perhaps it is time to repurpose Presidents Kennedy’s aphorism. How does “Ask not what your company can do for you, ask what you can do for your company,” sound? I’m prefacing my remarks in this way, because I imagine that the words that follow may come across as cruel, unsympathetic

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