What is an appropriate bat-mitzvah gift?

My granddaughter is going to have a Bat Mitzvah. I am a Christian. I would like to know what is an appropriate gift for her. From: Carole P. Dear Carole, The value of a gift flows from three sources and the best gifts hit all three hot spots. These sources are  the person receiving the […]

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The Gift of Deprivation

One of our darling daughters (henceforth DD) recently told me the following story. DD had taken four of her daughters, ages 5-11, clothing shopping. When she was checking out, the store proprietor pointed to a bowl of chocolate coins and told her that each chocolate had a discount coupon inside the wrapper. Picking one, our

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Gifts Galore

A lot of presents will be given over the next month, many of them to children. While some of the presents will come from aunts and uncles, grandparents and friends, parents will also spend a great deal of time and money choosing just the right items for their children. After all that work, they might

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Too Many Gifts?

A small coffee shop recently opened in my town and I visit them every day for coffee and sometimes a pastry. Because I enjoy the food and I appreciate being able to have a friendly conversation with the owner, and occasionally get a free refill on coffee, I like to leave a tip in the

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