I’m Not Ready To Be Gramps

I have really enjoyed listening to your podcast. The inquiry I would like to make is regarding grandparenthood. Here is my story: my 29-year-old son has recently chosen to get married to his living-with girlfriend in August 2024. (Great news) He tells us that the doctors have told him that due to STDs that he […]

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Growing Up Without a Father

I was just reading Chapter 10 of Buried Treasure and was wondering what God’s advice would be to the sons in single-family homes headed by mothers. In my own case, I grew up in South Africa after both parents immigrated there. When my father died (I was 7) my mother refused to return to her

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Lewis and Thompson

Don’t you love reading something so true or so beautifully expressed that you simply must re-read it and maybe even write it down so you will come across it again? Reading the news nowadays provides a series of heartbreaking stories. For example, on the day I am writing this, I came across articles on the

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Finding a Good Wife

Dear Rabbi and Susan, I have reached an impasse in my life. I come from a troubled family background and have had to step in and take charge of my parents’ life in a way that a child never should have to do. We are talking about dealing with mental illness and bankruptcy among other

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All You Need Is Love

“All you need is love,” sang the Beatles in 1967. A pretty sentiment to be sure, but a poor roadmap for life as proven by the young and confused of that generation whose lives were shaped by a fateful summer of love two years later. Love is wonderful, but alone it is hardly adequate. One

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Life Lessons from Wordle

After months of steadfastly refusing to add yet another potential distraction to my day, I succumbed and tried my hand at the online game, Wordle. Granted, I can think of playing this game as, ’honing my mental skills,’ and ‘whetting my thinking process,” rather than a distraction, but the danger of one more thing that

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Leave Before You Can Travel Forward

I was profoundly disturbed when a member of my congregation told me that he didn’t care that his father had just passed away. They had been estranged for years, he explained, yet I still felt sullied by listening to his utter lack of affection or even respect for his late father. My admonishment to him

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All or Nothing

Sadly, but readily, I’ll confess that I am no dancer.  It’s not that I wouldn’t like to be Fred Astaire on the dance floor.  It’s just that when I dance, more than anything else I resemble a drunk trying to trample a cockroach.  One of my many problems in this arena is that I remember

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That Which is Born

My husband and I celebrated two joyous events early this week. On Sunday, we were guests at a ninetieth birthday brunch and a day later we welcomed a young lady whose age we are now counting in days rather than years. Rosie, may she live and be well, and my mother, may she rest in

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How did you know the EU wouldn’t last?

Question: How in the world were you able to predict the eventual fall of the European Union?  It has been more than seven years since I purchased your entire library package.  Even today, I can still recall the confidence in your voice when you predicted in the “Tower of Power” audio that the EU would break

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