Earthly Father; Divine Father

We are heading into the Days of Judgment and Awe which means that committed Jews are engaged in deep introspection. That is why I should have been searching my conscience. Instead, I was actually browsing my computer files. I was slightly horrified to discover a Musing that was meant to appear last May, but which […]

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Who is My Father?

Dear Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin, I have been listening to your podcasts and YouTube teachings the past 3-4 weeks. I think I was searching for biblical teachings on finance and YouTube search results led me to you. I gained more than I was expecting, teachings not only on finance but life, and most importantly

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I’m So Flawed as a Father

How can I ask my children to act correctly? Thank you for continually sharing the wisdom and knowledge as you do! I have a dilemma and fear that if I don’t take ownership of it and actively practically pursue a solution the result will be catastrophic for my children. I have two teenage children (one

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Hi-Ho Hi-Ho, It’s Off to Work I Go

Or not. Question of the week: Hello, I’m Dan, listening from Ontario, Canada. In your podcast Episode 123 you mentioned that there is a benefit to children watching dad go to work every day. My wife and I have a 2-year-old son and have a second child on the way. I work from home and

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Save Civilization – Find a Father

Deaths by drug overdose, particularly from the class of heroin-containing drugs known as opioids are generally high. But there is one demographic that constitutes only 32% of America’s population but accounts for over 70% of opioid deaths—single men.  They do stand out, but there is another group that stands out even more conspicuously for deaths

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Twinkling Talent

Please don’t tell the budding musicians in my family but, while I go to their first concerts out of love for them, the music isn’t all that great. Hot Cross Buns and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star grow old rather quickly, especially when played by novice violinists and violists. This past Sunday, I went to a

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