The Benefits of Older Fathers

There are many ways to quash discussion. One of them, in vogue today, is to refuse to separate ideas from individuals. Do you think illegal immigration is a problem? You obviously hate migrants and what is more, you are xenophobic. Are you concerned about men adopting babies? This means that you surely hate men or […]

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I’m So Flawed as a Father

How can I ask my children to act correctly? Thank you for continually sharing the wisdom and knowledge as you do! I have a dilemma and fear that if I don’t take ownership of it and actively practically pursue a solution the result will be catastrophic for my children. I have two teenage children (one

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Bzzz. Moo. A Recipe for Growth

A friend of mine recently celebrated the long-awaited arrival of his first child and almost overnight he became a different man.  He drove his car a bit more cautiously.  His facial expression looked a little more mature.  His approach to work seemed more focused.  While lovingly cradling his infant, he said to me, “Rabbi, I

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