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Day 180

For many weeks after October 7, 2023, my Musings column revolved around the massacre that had taken place in Israel and the aftermath. We are now 180 days since then, 180 days of hostages whose fates are unknown, 180 days of families displaced from their homes, and 180 days of both suffering and resilience. Close […]

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Fake News is Old News

My husband and I have spent about thirty hours in the car over the past week. He was the keynote or guest speaker at a synagogue, a church and a business group and we both preferred driving to flying. During that time we barely listened to news. Instead we took advantage of the fantastic gift

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News Stories and Other Works of Fiction

Recently, I read a newspaper story of a boat on fire and its owner’s rescue by a fellow mariner. The account appeared on the online version of our local paper. It confirmed my decision to stop getting a physical copy of the same paper.   You see, certain details about the event were accurately reported.

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