Witches, witches everywhere?

Hi Rabbi Lapin and Susan, I am a home organizer which means that people invite me into their houses. Today, I was surprised by the house I visited when I saw some odd items. The homeowner explained she has added the practices of a nature religion to her previous spiritual Buddhism, and she thinks of […]

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Too Much Prayer?

Question of the week: Is it wrong to keep praying for the same thing over and over again? Is it demonstrating a lack of faith that our Heavenly Father is not hearing our prayers or is it showing that we believe that our prayers will be answered because we are demonstrating our faith? I believe

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Savings Accounts vs. Manna from Heaven

Question of the week: When G_d supplied manna to the Hebrews, He told them to gather only what they needed for the day. Not doing so showed a lack of faith in His provision. If we are to trust in Him for our daily provision, why do we save money “for a rainy day?” Now

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Life Isn’t Fair

Why are we all made so uneven? Some are born into affluence and some into poverty. Some are born into health some into misery. Some are born in America, with all its advantages, some into primitive tribes. Well you get the idea. Some people believe this unevenness can be blamed on some evil thing the

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How Do I Connect to God?

Hi, I was raised Christian and midway into my adult life, I questioned many things about my faith and reevaluated where I stand. I went through bouts of atheism and ended up more agnostic in my beliefs. I felt abandoned and always searching for God/Creator and what that really is. I still enjoy the moral

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How can you and Dave Ramsey be friends?

I know we Jews are taught tolerance, etc., but I’m curious about something. As you’ve probably heard, your friend Dave Ramsey signs off his radio show with “…there’s ultimately only one way to financial peace, and that’s to walk daily with the Prince of Peace, Christ Jesus.” If I’m interpreting Dave correctly, he seems to

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Can a non-Jew become “Chosen”?

Question: I listen to your podcast very often and I must say, that those helped me in becoming better human being. Hence my relationship with God improved as well (at least I think). But as I read through the Bible and other books, I always find some mention that only Israelites are the God’s nation.

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Why should I work when the world is crumbling?

Question: Listening to you is one of the best things I did last year. You have introduced me to the issues of physical life along with spiritual life and how they go hand in hand. I battle with discouragement due to the bleak future of the economy and nation. Can you offer some encouragement?  I

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My Husband Has Been Out of Work for a Year

Question: My husband was laid off 12 months ago. He has been searching diligently as well as studying fervently in order to get a new job. He recently had an interview for a company that would be the top of the top for his field.  He did extremely well on the interview, but was told

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