Do I Believe?

The Beverly Hills tycoon was dismayed by his son’s decision to study in a yeshiva instead of joining the family business. After several years the son returned home to his father’s sardonic question: So what have you got to show for your years of study? “I know that there is a God,” replied the young […]

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Are You Saying That We Shouldn’t Have Hobbies?

Hello, There are the 5Fs that you are emphasizing as the main aspects of life. What about hobbies and/or intellectual development which are not covered by the 5Fs but, in my opinion, are also a crucial part of life especially regarding a balanced mind and psyche? Thanks, Mike Dear Mike, Thank you for giving us

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Are My Sprains, Breaks, and Injuries Sending Me a Message?

I was reading your book “Business Secrets from the Bible” and really like it! You mention how activities such as business and marriage and warfare can be greatly aided by The Bible because they are specifically addressed in the Bible. I do not mean to completely flatter you (well kinda ;)), but my knowledge of

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And Promises To Keep…

Can you talk about the importance of keeping your promises? Noah Dear Noah, We are pretty sure that you do not expect us to reply saying, “Actually, promises don’t matter.” On the other hand, if you are hoping that we will provide you with a convincing case to show to someone in your life who

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I’m Heading a Fundraising Campaign for a School

Dear Rabbi and Susan, I’m spearheading the most important fundraiser for my daughter’s school as I write. I’m an entrepreneur and a salesman, so I enjoy using my skills in order to assure that my daughter and her friends have a proper Jewish education. My question is as follows. While I hate rejection, losing a

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Faith and Faithlessness

As a fan of all types of puzzles, I enjoy seeing both jigsaw puzzle pieces and words fall into place. The separate becomes connected and the random suddenly makes sense. I tend to follow the same steps when reading, looking for patterns that tie disparate topics together. As such, when I recently read two disturbing

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5Fs for Teenagers?

Dear Rabbi and Susan Lapin. I got The Holistic You book and I am blown away by how the 5 Fs interact. In addition, your latest podcast relating to the Daily Mail scenario was truly eye-opening… I have learned so much from you and really appreciate your honesty without the warm butter LOL. I have

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I Was Valedictorian in My MBA Program

I am an Indian woman living in France. I put all my eggs into 1 basket, moved lock, stock and barrel, to France to pursue an MBA. And, I did. I’m the valedictorian in my batch. It’s been 3 and half years since my graduation, and I couldn’t find a job. I’ve exhausted all my

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Explaining My Cousin’s Behavior

I am a Jewish, modern orthodox, homeschooling mother of five who recently had the opportunity to take my kids on a tour of an American military base. Our tour guide was my cousin – a biological male who started hormone therapy in his late twenties and is now living as a woman. This was the

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Do I Need To Go back

Dear Rabbi and Susan, Like so many others these days, I have a job that I can do mostly from home – I’m a software engineer. It’s great for my family. I can take the kids to school in the morning and on many days my wife and I even get to have breakfast or

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