I have a great career opportunity

Should I turn it down? Greetings from Croatia! I have been following your podcasts since 2015. I have recommended them to many people already and will continue to do so, because I think your work really adds value. It has influenced my life and some of my most important decisions in life already, in a […]

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How Could They? How Could We?

How could they? How could dedicated medical doctors participate in what was then known as the “Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male,” while withholding both necessary treatment and information from patients? How could they? How could educated and sophisticated lawyers and doctors have participated in the extermination of millions of Jews in

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Am I cheating people?

I love your services and have been reading your book, Business Secrets from the Bible.  I am with a developer who sells overpriced  property. He tells me to go and see the people in the home and get them to like you first, then sell the property. Whenever I say anything about it (I have

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Strike Them Down

There we were, Mrs. Lapin and I, breakfasting with friends on a rooftop patio overlooking the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.  One of our breakfast companions is well connected with Israel’s high tech community and I immediately resolved to share with you what he disclosed to me. But first, by way of introduction, I must ask

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