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Please Tell Me It’s Satire

February 9th, 2018 Posted by Susan's Musings 24 comments

A few times this past week while reading my daily paper I found myself checking whether I was actually following the Onion, a news satire organization. Each page had one or more articles that made me think, “This can’t be real.” Listening to the radio compounded the problem.

There was the opinion piece explaining to men that they should double down on mentoring women despite the fact that they might be falsely accused of sexual harassment. After all, mentoring women is such an important ideal that they should willingly risk their reputation, family and livelihood to do so.

To my astonishment, another article spoke of cities considering instituting rent-control policies. In the two cities in which I have lived that had strong rent-control policies in place, wealthy people paid ludicrously small sums to stay put while less wealthy areas turned into boarded up slums since landlords couldn’t survive on the low rents they were forced to charge. Rent control was far from a rousing success.

Then there was the newspaper piece lauding couples who were refraining from having children in order to lessen their environmental impact on the world. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this show before, where young people piously explain how childlessness is a virtuous act.  I think there is an All in the Family episode from the 1970s where Mike and Gloria make the same proclamation.

In the constant background chatter I constantly hear ‘experts’ extolling the virtues of marijuana. Didn’t we just spend decades decrying the ill effects of smoking? Aren’t we in the midst of an opioid crisis? Is all this irrelevant because somehow we can’t figure out how to give a cancer patient palliative care without celebrating weed for all?

Every one of these paragraphs might have turned into a Musing. Alas, my computer needed repair and I have just gotten it back. There is only time to jot down these thoughts and wish you a blessed weekend.

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