Two Countries – Two Religions

As a fan of geography (Not social studies, but geography!) I can think of quite a few islands with an international border cutting through them. Cyprus, St. Martin, and Ireland come to mind. It is the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, however, that fascinates me the most. On no other divided island I know, does the […]

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Let’s Not All Think Alike

One of the delights of being married to my husband is the fascinating people I get to meet. His interests and efforts attract a wide variety of individuals and we have forged many friendships with those who, in a more routine life, we might never get to meet. So it was, while COVID-19 was still

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12 Years, A Different World

Over the years, I have written well over 500 Musings. Every once in a while, as happened this week, one from years ago circles back to my attention. In 2010, while discussing film critic Roger Ebert’s proposal to revamp the movie rating system to accommodate what he thought of as the wider public acceptance of

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