A Republic…if You Can Keep It

There is so much going on that one could get whiplash toggling between breaking news headlines. Are we watching the collapse of the great American experiment and a tragic answer to Benjamin Franklin’s words from 1787? Asked what the Constitutional Convention had produced, he responded, “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.” Well, we […]

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Brains, Heart and Courage

Wednesday morning’s Wall Street Journal crossword puzzle had the following clue: “Cowardly lion’s lack.” As a child, I watched the Wizard of Oz annually on TV followed by recurring nightmares, but it has been many years since I saw it. As I dredged my memory, I remembered the Scarecrow wanting a brain and the Tin

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Rowdy Red or Benign Blue

It was on election night November 2nd, 1976, when President Ford was being challenged by Jimmy Carter that NBC television showed us our first blue/red electoral map. The blue was Republican and showed the 27 states won by Ford, while red was Democrat. It was only in the 2000 Bush-Gore election that the colors were

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