Am I Too Generous?

First, let me start with the situation… I am a faithful tither, not only to my church but to other organizations. My issue is I am not good with my personal finances. My question is… Do I stop tithing to focus on my finances and then go back to tithing once I have control? I […]

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I’m in Debt

My name is Nicholas from Nairobi Kenya, a Happy Warrior in the making. My question is on the F of Finance. How does one increase his income and get out of debt, especially now that the world and Kenya are experiencing high inflation rates? I ask this notwithstanding what you have said about your financial

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1 Bank Account; 2 Bank Accounts

I have been listening to your podcasts for roughly about two years now and find them very insightful on God’s word and relevant to the times and seasons, thank you for being a blessing. I come from an African household where my father was the main provider as he had a very stable and well-paid

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I’m Not Coping Financially

I am writing this letter because I have been watching and learning from you for a while, but I am still struggling to understand how I can really bring abundance into my life. Last year, after almost 5 years, I finally managed to buy myself a small flat, but despite working really hard and saving

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Is it time to go into debt?

My wife and I are out of debt except for our mortgage which we are trying to quickly payoff. My business has some opportunity to expand but I am unsure if getting a business loan goes against Biblical or ancient Jewish wisdom. Thank you for your time. Bob F. Dear Bob, We’re certain that you

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Our daughter won’t listen to Dave Ramsey

Question: We are Jewish. I’ve heard you endorse Dave Ramsey and vice versa. His methods have helped me greatly. However, my 34 year old daughter is at a financial crossroads and desperately needs help. When I suggested that she take a FPU course or at least listen to him or read his book, she says,

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