Our Son-in-Law

Dear Rabbi and Susan, Our son-in-law has disrespected my husband and me on two separate occasions when visiting him and my daughter. We live far away, and so we see them in intense bouts. He has a lot of baggage from his childhood (he never spoke to his father until he was on his deathbed) […]

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A Grandfather’s Role

I have a very different idea of what constitutes a family from my daughter who lived with her mother after divorce. I define my family as those related by blood, whereas my daughter considers everyone who has ever lived in her past household, including all children of her former stepdad, even those from another mother,

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Should my daughter nanny for a lesbian couple?

Question: My daughter has been calling me to ask my opinion about working for a married lesbian couple as a nanny to their child. I quote scripture to dissuade her, however she says they are so nice to her and Christians are being unfair to their lifestyle and the couple can’t help who they are,

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