How Can I Tell My Son…

Peace be with you. I’m a Christian by faith, and I have great love and respect for Jews and Israel. I’ve read the Torah and many books of the Bible and always wondered, why were male Jews allowed to marry more than one wife and/or be with their wife’s servant? Among the 613 and 10 […]

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And Promises To Keep…

Can you talk about the importance of keeping your promises? Noah Dear Noah, We are pretty sure that you do not expect us to reply saying, “Actually, promises don’t matter.” On the other hand, if you are hoping that we will provide you with a convincing case to show to someone in your life who

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Can We Create Wealth

Good evening, sir. I deem it a privilege to come across your ministry on YouTube. Listening to 25 minutes of your interview with a lady from Australia has opened my eyes to some things I have been ignorant about. I love Bible as the word of God, and I also believe that God can make

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Wimps or Daredevils

I discovered a previously unpublished Musing deep in the bowels of my computer. From the anecdote therein, I must have written it over six years ago. Within the past few weeks, I have been bombarded with statistics about anxious children, suicidal teens, and emotionally precarious young adults. As society’s hysteria and behavior over COVID upped

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1 Bank Account; 2 Bank Accounts

I have been listening to your podcasts for roughly about two years now and find them very insightful on God’s word and relevant to the times and seasons, thank you for being a blessing. I come from an African household where my father was the main provider as he had a very stable and well-paid

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Stop Being an Ostrich

Are you stressed? That’s a silly question. The results of this election matter a great deal to our lives and to the future of this country and the world. While I have faith that God is leading us on an ultimately glorious path, in the short-term that path can be uncomfortable, scary, and dangerous for

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Be Holy

Tomorrow is Election Day. But, even if the results are known on Wednesday, the fight for America’s culture will continue—no matter which party wins. Each one of us is busy on so many fronts: family, earning a living, synagogue or church, and our many daily tasks. However, it is a deadly mistake to pay attention

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This Agenda May Be Harmful to Your Health

I originally started writing this with the intention of posting it on our website as a Practical Parenting column, but then I realized that the problem I’m describing actually affects all of us. While the examples I mention have to do with children’s literature, every detail of the culture surrounding us impacts us, often in

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Learning from all Cultures

As a Bible believer, is it best for us to follow only Biblical guidelines rather than learning the positive values from other cultures, such as Japanese or Chinese cultural values? I thought this would enrich our lives as well as our Biblical learning, but may not be what the Bible guidelines suggest us to do.

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Self-made Men?

The November 14th issue of Forbes magazine includes the 35th edition of the annual feature, “The 400 Richest People in America.” I don’t know if the scorecard I noticed this year is new or just one that I never paid attention to previously, but as part of each billionaire’s biography there is a “self-made” rating.

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