Why is the Second Day of Creation not Described as Good?

Question of the week: After each day of creation, God says it was good. All except day 2. Is it because on day 2 he created the (firmament, sky, atmosphere, air) and it wasn’t good because satan is called the prince of the air? Kenneth P. Dear Kenneth, We hesitated to highlight your question because […]

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Harvey and Montgomery

If you’ve never seen the delightful 1950 movie in which Jimmy Stewart plays Elwood P. Dowd whose friend is a six-foot invisible rabbit eponymously named Harvey, you might enjoy it.  I too have an invisible friend, though I don’t know how tall he is because he is, well, invisible!  He happens to be a highly

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Crime Doesn’t Say

On news broadcasts and interviews I have noticed something scary.  Boys involved in violent crime are largely illiterate.  This chilling correlation has been confirmed to me by friends in criminal justice and law enforcement.  You’d think that just by the laws of probability, at least some assailants and murderers when caught would have more to

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Slip Sliding Away

Elegant laws of faith and physics link the mysteries of the universe to the banality of human behavior.  For instance, they explain why I find it so hard to keep my desk neat, my body thin, and my business profitable.  If I shake a jar containing green and red marbles arranged in alternating layers, they

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